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Forever Blooms by Rock Paper Sistas Paul
rock paper sisters only transparent blue
-   Workshop Exclusive   -

The Lotus Flower…
Symbolic of purity while rooted in mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters…


The first bloom I designed looked more like an artichoke, but as I sat with it and began to look into its design it become clear these were more like lotus blooms, creatures shells that lived within the rocks and sand of the ocean now rising to a new purpose.

Each bloom takes hours to create as the mussel shells are unique (yes, they are not all shaped &; colored the same) and help shape the design.


Only North Atlantic Blue mussels are used. All shells are thoroughly cleaned and Sun dried. I do not coat the shells so they have an authentic texture and color


Design  Options
Blooms on hand picked driftwood stems, blooms on uniquely shaped driftwood pieces or alone as a bloom “just picked from its stem”.

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