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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Pansy Flower from my garden
FOCUS...its where the magic lies..

I spy with my own little eye… Be FOCUSED.

Often times the “goodies”of life, the sweetness, what is most important or significant lies in the details. Yet, in our hustle bustle do more, have more lives, it is the details that often go unnoticed. I have learned however, that within the details the nuggets of brilliance, inspiration and beauty are revealed.

So, Reduce multi-tasking, skimming and summarizing. Stop, look and Listen. And begin to really “notice what you notice”. If it is a flower you gaze at..take moment focus ALL your attention on the flower. See the texture of the petals, the delicate pattern and color inside the bloom. Soon you begin to feel the magic and awe of natures creation. What happens next is the goodies, the sweetness…you begin to revel and delight in the details!

For Fun: Can you find the 4 rock candles hidden in this picture?

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