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Embrace The Attitude of GRATITUDE

The Attitude of Gratitude

I have heard for years the saying, ”In life what you dish out you get back”. Well, guess what…its TRUE! And it aims squarely at your attitude. However, if you choose your attitude wisely, it will come back to serve you well every single time. No exceptions.

In choosing our attitudes, we must realize that Gratitude is not a “holiday”attitude or expression, reserved only for certain times and events. Gratitude is a feeling, a way of being. To be able to express thankfulness and appreciation is to be Grateful. Gratitude is an attitude!

So, are you ready to join me and embrace The Attitude of Gratitude? Unsure how to start? I was too, so here is a starting point I used.. Begin by making a list of all that you have in my life (a home, food, friendship, a vehicle, the sunrise/sunset, a garden of flowers, access to the ocean or a park, good health, a purposeful life, talents you can share, ). And when life seems to be a challenge and its hard to embrace being grateful, focus your attention on the little things in life (I am grateful for the smell and sound of coffee perking in the morning, the coziness of sitting by a fire, seeing a double rainbow, great tasting toothpaste (yes toothpaste!).

Quickly, you will see how wonderful YOUR life truly is and how much there is to be grateful for. Now go share your attitude of gratitude with everyone you meet and see what life dishes out for you! It will surely be delicious.

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