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Freebie: Living All In Check List

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Download your free sheet, fun for all.


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From Aidan O'Connell to the defense, Raiders followers are thrilled

We frequently find out points from our weekly Tuesday Community Inquiry. This was just one of those weeks. To evaluate, this week's question was that on the Las Vegas Raiders are you most excited concerning as the preseason winds down.RelatedTuesday Area Question: That are you most excited around right now?What did I learn today? That most of you are discharged up about the 2023 Raiders for numerous factors. And why not the 2-0 Raiders have looked good in the preseason and it's developing home.Some of the popular responses were newbie quarterback Aidan O'Connell, large receiver Tre Tucker and newbie linebacker Amari Burney. The protection, which has actually done well in…

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