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Less Is The New More

Updated: Oct 22, 2019


Many of us seem to have been born with a keen desire to gather”stuff”. We gather what we perceive to be all that could be useful or could be valuable in our lives both personally and professionally. As a business professional, I am constantly seeking to learn and in that, file away notes, emails, websites, papers, books which I think will be of value or useful to me in the future.

Funny though, we are a technology based society but you’d be surprised how much paper we still gather.

Think about all of the “stuff”we purchase in the hopes of making our life easier only to realize we now need to store all this stuff. And kids…well they are collection magnets for stuff!

So, it’s no wonder we reach a tipping point and begin to feel, overwhelmed, constrained, cramped frustrated and closed in. These feelings present to us both in our personal lives at home as well as in our professional lives. When these feeling arise take them as a queue that it is time to Declutter how you live and lead your life.

Decluttering, the act of releasing and removing “stuff”creates space. It is in this new space that gives way to a sense of calm, clarity, order and possibility. The sense is real and experienced both mentally and physically. When the clutter is removed we are well positioned and ready to approach any challenge or task with clarity and space to create significantly.

Start to make both mental and physical space for yourself and your future. Rule of thumb; “If you haven’t used it or needed it in 2 years…TOSS It”! And…don’t be afraid to hit that delete button.

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