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No Risk, No Reward

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Graves Light House, Boston Harbor
Are you willing to take a RISK?...

Are you ready you get involved in some RISKY business? As the saying goes…No Risk No Reward! Well, as someone who has been very leery of taking risks in life because of fear of “the consequences”. That is, until I learned a new meaning for the word RISK. Now, Im taking RISKS all the time…and loving it! So, what is my definition of RISK?

R –Release old beliefs that no longer serve you

I –Invest in yourself

S- Seek continuous learning and growth opportunities

K –Keep it simple! Life is not meant to be difficult or hard. We make it that way when we don’t live our purpose guided by passion and inspiration.

My wish for you today is for you to start living your life with RISK. Lots of it!

After all, RISK is part of Living Life All IN

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